"Our productivity has increased significantly in the past few months. This has resulted in substantial labor savings, as much as 25% to 30% on some boat lines. We attribute these improvements directly to the heightened awareness and effectiveness of our supervisors. This has occurred through the use of the planning and control system installed by your people."

While the Analysis often represents a relatively small part of the total engagement, the return to the activity is extremely high. Clients also find value in the HCA Analysis because it is often difficult to lay the necessary groundwork for change internally, for both technical or political reasons.

The purpose of an HCA Analysis is to determine how we can help you reduce costs, improve your operations, and increase your profits. In addition to identifying and validating goals, the Analysis provides a roadmap for removing impediments to productive change.

HCA performs a variety of Analyses, each of which is implemented in a two to four week project schedule. 

Our Operations group performs Productivity Assessments to gauge the way material and labor are managed, targeting productivity, management skills, scheduling, metrics and quality.  Our Supply Chain Assessment further focuses on supplier and schedule reliability, customer requirements and inventory management.

Our Information Technology studies include the Business Systems Assessment, which profiles and evaluates the performance of the line-of-business systems in your applications portfolio.  Our IT Mobility Assessment, which typically begins with a highly productive facilitated workshop, identifies specific business opportunities, technical options and project frameworks for the deployment of mobile computing infrastructure to extend the power of your corporate systems to the factory floor or field organization.

Our Training Analysis focuses on how your exising portfolio of training programs truly aligns with your business objectives.  This initial assessment helps our clients craft more effective training programs, addressing special curricular needs, training logistics, "train the trainer" requirements and other programmatic elements.  Our Eligibility, Review and Gap Analysis (ERG) specifically provides a roadmap for clients who wish to take advantage of the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund.

The analysis report and series of recommendations prepared for you as a result of our study will provide you with an objective appraisal of competitive issues within your company and plan of action. Our Analysis deliverable includes:

  • Specific area-by-area findings
  • A series of cost-justified recommendations
  • The profit implications of each recommendation
  • A detailed, realistic implementation plan for further review 

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