"The Hamilton Cornell people assigned to us were pleasant, tactful and hard working. Part of the Hamilton Cornell system involves formalized training of the foremen at weekly meetings, since their overall system for improving productivity rest first in the hands of those foremen. The system has been demonstrated to have produced improved productivity in all areas of the factory with the most recent savings report reflecting departmental productivity increases ranging from 4% to 47%."

Leveraging the best performance from your organization depends on your ability to formulate and communicate a solid, cohesive program to manage strategic and tactical change.  

Of course, the factors affecting your operational success never remain consistent. Each day brings change in the competitive landscape and challenges unique to your own business, most often manifested and treated as "silo" issues by your management.

"Silo" issues - whether manifested as problems in operations, IT or executive management - are really problems that cut across functional lines. Each HCA engagement plan blends technology, process improvement and training analysis to reveal the true factors that affect progress towards your goals.

Our intervention occurs at "the point of execution," not simply in the boardroom or the classroom. Management, frontline supervisors and employees are involved in the program from design to implementation.

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