"We had a fragmented, decentralized maintenance operation which Hamilton Cornell helped us implement a system for prioritizing and controlling the work assignments in the Maintenance Department. The Hamilton Cornell personnel were knowledgeable and professional in their conduct. They interacted very well with people at all levels within our organization, and they made the control system responsive to the needs of our Company."
Personal Care Products

HCA and its clients enter into a mutual commitment to maintain implemented changes and to respond to new initiatives to achieve continuous improvement in productivity, service and quality.

To ensure permanent perfomance improvement:

  • A client project coordinator is appointed to monitor the program and perform program modifications over time. A Hamilton Cornell Client Partner provides ongoing contact with the client's project coordinator to ensure that the products of the program are yielding agreed upon results.

  • All of our engagements include the development of a client web portal to support project management tasks, including reporting.  Clients often maintain these portals at the conclusion of the Hamilton Cornell engagement, providing us visibility and the opportunity to participate in continuous improvement activities and program changes moving forward.

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