"We have been particularly pleased that your personnel have been able to interface so well with our people. Their efforts have helped us through a very difficult period. As you know, the past six months have been a time of growth. We have absorbed product lines from other manufacturing facilities, added several new products and rearranged the physical layout of the Plant. To accommodate these changes meant hiring and training a large number of new people and overcoming space, material and scheduling problems. In this environment your people not only assisted us in making the transition as smoothly as possible, but they actually enabled us to make substantial productivity gains at the same time. Even though you told us that this would happen, we must confess to a certain amount of skepticism.
Happily you were right."
Office Products

Aerospace and Defense Firms are waging aggressive fights for market share in the shrinking, consolidating market. Delivery, reliability and quality will lead the battle for survival with increasing cost pressures. Suppliers will feel the pressure most.

Automotive Suppliers will find continued pressure from total quality objectives and advanced production concepts at the auto makers. The resulting requirement is better delivery, reliability and sharply lower costs. Auto producers will profit from the real improvements made by their suppliers.

Consumer Durable Producers will be forced to satisfy demand through larger, less flexible demand outlets led by retail consolidation and superstores. The requirement will be much greater reliability, customer service and support, and quick accurate demand response.

Finance Organizations are struggling with the operational implications of unprecedented market consolidation.  Strategy for entering new markets, operations consolidation and IT integration top the list of concerns from the Boardroom to the ATM.

Office Products and Office Automation Suppliers will be pressured by cut-throat competition, more reliable, low-cost foreign competitors and technological innovations that will put a new priority on "white collar" productivity.

Packaging and Printing Concerns are rushing to improve customer service and quality with investments in technology such as integrated electronic prepress which must be offset by organizational cost savings and quicker order turnaround.

Personal Care (and other consumer nondurable) Manufacturers must learn to adapt to changing consumer habits and onerous retailer requirements. Supplier alliances will help increase responsiveness. Major retailer (Wal-Mart) demands will pressure cash flow and distribution.

Pharmaceutical Firms will find greater pressure to control costs with pressure to reform health care and greater competition squeeze margins. R&D and laboratory productivity both for new product development and production support will be a critical advantage. These are among the industry groups which are reshaping the competitive environment affecting all industry. Hamilton Cornell has provided valuable assistance for our clients in these groups among others.

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