"We accepted their offer and they proceeded to send a five-man team here for a week of detailed study into our manufacturing operations. As a result of that study, HCA submitted a proposal showing expected savings to be realized, the time table for such savings, and their schedule of education and training of our department heads in order to put their control methods in place. Our project is ending now and we can say that the results promised are being achieved. That is the most important thing we can say. We feel our decision to engage Hamilton Cornell Associates was a good decision."
Die Casting

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  • Enterprise Guide to Gaining Business Value from Mobile Technologies
    Adam Kornak, Jorn Teutloff and Michael Welin-Berger
    Proven strategies for integrating mobile technologies into your business to gain a competitive
    advantage. The authors guide you through the maze of mobile and wireless technologies,
    offering hands-on advice on how to develop a strategy that meets the needs of your business.

  • Integrated Learning for ERP Success: A Learning Requirements Planning Approach
    Karl Kapp

    ERP implementations do not need to be painful experiences.  The key is designing
    and implementing an effective organizational learning process to facilitate change.
    Kapp details a winning strategy for preparing your team and your company.

    Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in your Corporation
    James Womack and Daniel Jones

    James Womack and Daniel Jones chronicled Toyota’s concept of lean production in
    “The Machine that Changed the World.” They have joined forces again to write 
    one of the leading books in the country on Lean Thinking.

  • Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly about Fear in an Uncertain World
    Bruce Schneier
    Schneier brings security thinking back to the reality of common sense motive,
    logic and reason, establishing a strong philosophical security foundation
    for business - and life.

  • Geek's and Geezers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Leaders
    Warren G. Bennis and Robert J. Thomas
    The authors question whether the qualities of leadership are embedded in an era,
    finding instead that "crucible" experiences have played the greatest role in
    forging leadership qualities in the 18 individuals profiled in Bennis' latest study.

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