"As a growing company with many of the pains associated with that growth, I can say that using the Hamilton Cornell system has enabled us to get over the hump from complete owner involvement in every aspect of the business to that of more delegation of authority and control. I would recommend Hamilton Cornell very stongly to anyone wishing to develop and control an organization for profit and growth."
Die Castings

Results from each Hamilton Cornell engagement vary. We strive for a minimum payback on the fee of at least 4 to 1 - a 400% return on your cost in the first full year following implementation of our recommendations.

Hamilton Cornell assignments are conducted in residence with full management and client participation. We are very careful to protect our client's investment by establishing performance goals, complete with their cost implications, before undertaking any assignment.

There is no value in a consulting engagement unless the cost easily justifies itself. Hamilton Cornell programs always pay for themselves in savings - most often within 6 months of their start.

When changing times demand fresh thinking...think HCA. 

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